It’s easy to learn, so both experienced programmers and amateurs love it, but it is also quite effective in the way it codes your applications. It might be the most promising programming language to learn as we enter a new decade. Although not as popular as it once was, PHP is still on the list of the top 20 computer languages for back-end development for the last few years.

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This particular characteristic is extremely evident for the Create Events (of repository), therefore it is not possible to visualize the trending language in terms of newly created repositories. For this reason the Activity value (in terms of number of changes pushed) has been considered the best metric for the popularity of programming languages. That means some developers don’t regard it as a “full” programming language. Any list of highly functional programming languages is probably going to include Ruby.

ALGOL 68 went on to become the GOST/ГОСТ standard in the Soviet Union. An additional note about the data is about the large amount of records in which the programming language is not specified.

ALGOL 68’s standard document was published in numerous natural languages. The standard allowed the internationalization of the programming language. On December 20, 1968, the “Final Report” (MR 101) was adopted рейтинг языков программирования 2019 by the Working Group, then subsequently approved by the General Assembly of UNESCO’s IFIP for publication. Translations of the standard were made for Russian, German, French, Bulgarian, and then later Japanese.

You can use it to develop high-end games, emulation, or desktop-tier applications as well. That’s all about some of the best programming languages you can learn in 2020. You can choose one or two languages from this list and focus on that. Even if you learn just one programming language apart from the one you use daily, you will be in good shape for your career growth.

JavaScript is the most popular and universal programming language for today. It grew up into a full-fledged language from an auxiliary one. JavaScript provides an opportunity to create neural networks and microcontroller units (MCU).

This vast availability of Java programmers is another reason why organizations prefer to choose Java for new development than any other programming language. Believe it or not, Eclipse and Netbeans have played a huge role in making Java one of the best programming languages. Coding in IDE is a pleasure, especially if you have coded in DOS Editor or Notepad. In this article, I will share my list of reason, and why you should learn Java programming and why I think Java is the best programming language created ever. Eugene Zouev has graduated from the Computer Science Department, Moscow State University, and got the PhD degree there in 1999.

With WordPress websites, about 90% of the code is written with it. WebAssembly’s popularity is rapidly growing when it comes to web application development. Programs made using it can go where JavaScript cannot, especially as it relates to media editions, image recognition, transcoding, and VR.

Anyway, programming languages ​​are those tools that help bring the best ideas to life through the creation of digital products. If you opt for JS as the main programming language, then it’s helpful to learn Node.JS. Furthermore, it makes sense to study TypeScript which is one of the most popular programming languages ​​due to the stronger data typing. HackerRank asked developers which programming languages they knew and which ones they wanted to learn.

The most important thing right now is to make your goal and try your best to achieve it in 2020. Python has now toppled Java to become the most taught programming language in Universities and Academica. Btw, I have been trying to learn Python from last year, but somehow, its always get pushed down on my list of goals. You can start earning quickly and with the minimal learning curve with the help of such in-demand programming languages, like Java and C#.

I am particularly interested in Python and JavaScript, but you might be interested in something else. This list of top 10 programming languages will help you to make your learning goal for 2020.

Besides, by Java it is extraordinary demanded in the mobile development. To learn a new (or even the first!) programming language – quite difficult, therefore it is necessary to make a smart choice. What will reward you for efforts, career success and a big salary? We took as a basis popularity rating of programming languages on StackOverflow, and choose 10 most perspective.

He has been working in a defence research center in Russia, in Moscow State University and in a number of technical universities in Europe including ETH Zurich and EPFL Lausanne. Among his major achievements are the full ISO-compliant C++ front end compiler, the Zonnon language рейтинг языков программирования 2019 compiler and many others. The area of his research interests is programming languages’ semantics and compiler construction. Despite originally being known as unsafe, the language is evolving and to date its compiler is able to warn about code that might misbehave.

Despite the apparent complexity and technology exactingness, IT market always demands for professionals of different levels. R – one of the most demanded programming languages in the sphere of the analysis of data and machine learning. He has a big capacity and huge statistical potential, рейтинг языков программирования 2019 allows to work with large volumes of information conveniently. Golang, as well as Go, one of the youngest programming languages, but it is demanded and very ambitious. If you begin to learn language now, you have all chances to rise on a wave of popularity and success.

Leading Front-end Programming Languages For 2020

It is a high-level language with a large set of features, load problems, and sometimes inaccurate code execution. GitHub is the largest code host in the world, with 3.4 million users. It’s the place where the open-source development community offers access to most of its projects. By analyzing how languages are used in GitHub it is possible to understand the popularity of programming languages among developers and also to discover the unique characteristics of each language. Here is my list of 10 reasons, which I tell anyone who asks my opinion about learning Java, and whether Java is the best programming language in terms of opportunities, development, and community support.

The Top Programming Languages For Cross-platform Development & Data Science

However, Solidity has provided the foundation for the design of other languages. The most famous errors that have caused contracts failure are DAO and PARITY . Despite its age, C remains one of the most popular programming languages in the world, but finding the right developer can be difficult. C has been used to write a wide range of software, including operating systems, device drivers, banking software, games, and even GPU-based learning algorithms. The sheer range of projects that C has been used for means you need to find a developer that\’s familiar with your particular problem.

Seventy-three percent of developers said they knew JavaScript in 2018, up from 66 percent in 2017. JavaScript was 2018’s most well-known language, compared to Java in 2017. To date, it is one of the most popular application programming languages. If you are interested in learning Java, then The Complete Java Masterclass course is a good place to start. Though I don’t have any data to back this up, it’s based on experience.

The most significant reason behind its popularity is its full-stack framework, Ruby on Rails. It’s a dynamic language that simplifies all of your programming work. Despite this, it seems to be decreasing in popularity at the moment. This ranks as number four among the best-loved assembly language programming options for Android. More developers are turning to it these days, and that should continue into the new year.

Hence, after review this and other data we distinguish the top programming languages and frameworks to use at the different stages of the software development process and for different purposes. So as it’s always good to have a finger on the pulse of the industry, let’s dig deeper into our list. Finally, Java, one of the most popular, powerful, and effective programming languages. Even though I have been using Java for years, there are still many things I have to learn, e.g. many Java 8 features and now the new release of JDK 13.

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